ISLAMABAD – Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) in a statement has said that the young doctors’ demand for regularisation of their services structure is justified and overdue.

They are justified to demand for getting their right and PIMA would stand by their side in this matter. The Association held the government primarily responsible for this crisis because it delayed the process and rather than accepting their just demands, put fuel to fire by beating and arresting them in the last few months.

It demanded from the govt. to end this crisis by sitting on the table with doctors’ representatives with an intention to sincerely solve it. ‘We are willing to be part of this discussion’. At the same time, PIMA urged young doctors that going on strike will generate several ethical questions where the strong stance of doctors will become weak and ineffective. It will add to the suffering of patients who come from far off places and have no other choice but government hospitals.

Meanwhile, the rumours to appoint new Executive Director at Pakistan Institute of Medical Science (PIMS) drew strong reaction from Young Doctors’ Association, Islamabad. The Association in a message that was making rounds said ‘ there are rumours that a person from Lahore has been decided by the government to appoint as ED PIMS. This is not acceptable at all. YDA, Islamabad will not accept the appointment of any invader. If government is planning to do so then its loud and clear message of YDA that we will resist the decision till it is being reversed’. However, the Ministry of Capital Administration and Development Spokesperson Rafique Tahir rebuffed all the rumours saying that there is no reality in rumours as no summary was moved to PM Secretariat to appoint new ED as its prerogative of Prime Minister to appoint new ED.