There are two types of hospital in Pakistan: hospitals in the private sector and hospitals in the government sector. Private sector hospitals are very expensive and beyond the reach of the people. These are affordable by the moneyed people only. Government hospitals are in bad condition where doctors don’t give any proper attention to patients. There is a lot of crowd at such hospitals which the administration is not able to manage properly.At government hospitals the earning of doctors is very low and, as such, they don’t show any interest. Some of the doctors who are popular do not attend hospitals and are rather interested in their private practice. The government should improve the working of hospitals and give suitable income to doctors. There is also a very big problem of fake medicines. Recently most of the people died because of these fake medicines, especially the people who suffer from heart problems. The government should establish institutions and make some special teams whose only duty should be to check and apprehend such people as are involved in the business of fake medicines. The government should provide latest equipment to doctors and make the things better. All over the Pakistan there is not a single government hospital which has pure water. Most of patients have to drink polluted water and then fall sick again. My request to the Punjab government is to do up the public sector hospitals.HASSAN MEHMOOD, Lahore, September 4.