The PTI has pinpointed what ails our economy and set the right economic priorities of education, health, transparency, accountability and, above all, empowerment of state institutions so that they can function properly and a strong system of governance can develop. The policy of modern education and free health facility for all are indeed very commendable. So is the resolve to reduce unproductive expenditure and produce enough energy from domestic resources. However, the PTI has not spelled out the modus operandi to achieve these objectives. Where will it get the funds to spend Rs 4.6 trillion on public welfare? The proposal of bridging deficit financing by bringing everyone in the tax net, thus freeing commercial banks from colossal lending to the government and making credit available to the private sector is an excellent one, but can the PTI actually do this is yet to be seen with all the political compulsions involved.The PTI has also omitted to mention the biggest social, cultural and political problem, which is the greatest impediment to a steady and balanced economic development. That is the religious fanaticism, bigotry and mindset of a majority of our clerics. This is amply reflected in the way the government’s campaigns of polio eradication and family planning efforts are being thwarted by this mindset. Not to mention the insecurity being faced by potential investors due to victimisation of certain religious sects, minorities and genders in addition to the attacks on security forces. These incidents scare away local investors let alone bringing in foreign investment. We hope that the economic policy statement of the PTI is not mere rhetoric and they will spell out their methodology to achieve these objectives.A modern and enlightened education for all Pakistanis can be a most effective vehicle of reforms because it can also resolve many related social, religious and cultural problems. I wish the PTI all the best and wish them Godspeed in achieving the policy objectives they have now announced.ZAHEER AHMED, Islamabad, September 4.