Border violation by US led forces in Afghanistan, which have killed scores of Pakistani civilians should no longer be tolerated. Civilian killings constitute a humanitarian tragedy and create dangerous political fallout, including damage to the legitimacy of our government. Drone attacks are illegal; they violate human rights as civilians are also victims of these attacks. It seems that more civilians die then the militants. The number of civilian deaths is 849 so far out of which 175 were children. Although Pakistan has repeatedly protested against these attacks and Chief of Army Staff Parvez Kayani bluntly said that Pakistan’s territorial integrity will be defended at all costs (suggesting that any future involvement of American soldiers in Pakistan would be met by force) no action has been seen. Our Air Chief also claimed that the Air Force has the capability to shoot down drones, but none have been shot and his speech is now seen as empty rhetoric. Our government and armed forces definitely should take a serious step to stop the drone attacks. MAHVISH FIAZ RANA, Sheikhupura, September 4.