BAHAWALPUR – Every administrative division in Pakistan should be given the status of province, demanded the Tehreek-e-Istaqlal president.“We have already announced our support for the restoration of Bahawalpur province. Kalabagh dam is necessary for our country to achieve economic stability within three years,” Rehmat Khan Wardag said. He further said that the creation of new provinces was mandatory and provinces should be made on divisional level. He explained that 19 provinces should be created in Pakistan. Eight provinces should be created in Punjab as there are eight divisions in the province instead of only Saraiki or South Punjab provinces, he added and said that the government should give autonomy to these provinces. “The number of ministries should be fixed for these provinces. According to our party plan, with the creation of 19 provinces, there would be 120 ministries including prime minister and chief ministers. Ministers, IG and Chief Secretary’s offices can be made in Commissioner House. In this manner economic stability can be achieved in 3 years,” he said.He said that the people should not cast their votes for the candidates who are involved in corruption and money laundering. People need to ask in the election campaign of political parties whether they will construct Kalabagh Dam. People must boycott the parties who are against the construction of the dam because it is necessary for the country and to control energy crisis.