OKARA - Jamaat Ahle Sunnat Central Ameer Mufti Fazalur Rehman Okarvi said that his party was preparing to launch a wake-up campaign to play a religious and political role in the future. The campaign will be launched at an Ulema Convention to be held in October. The Jamaat leader said, “If Islamic teaching had been implemented in their true sense, there would not have been the present situation in Pakistan. Islam is speedily spreading in America and Europe. Only in London, about 500 mosques have been built,” he said while addressing a press conference in Jamia Ashraful Madaris Okara.Mufti Fazalur Rehman stressed the need for promoting teachings of saints. He said that it was nowhere mentioned in the Holly Quran that Eid in Pakistan should be observed in accordance with that of in Saudia Arabia. He said that those hatching conspiracies against Mufti Muneeb would never succeed. He said the Pakistani nation was supporing Mufti Muneeb. A function was also held in honour of a foreign delegation which is on one-and-a-half-month tour. On this occasion, Qari Khalid Zahid Ashrafi and Mufti Ghulam Yasin were also present.