September 6th is celebrated in Pakistan as defense day. On this day, we pay tribute to those soldiers who wrote this history with their blood and sweat. This day is celebrated in the memory of those brave soldiers who passed away during the Indo-Pak war of 1965 and successfully defended the Lahore, Sialkot and other important cities of Pakistan.

Defense day recalls us about the golden memories of bravery, sincere efforts and dedication of Pakistani army. In fact, when India attacks on the heart of Pakistan (Lahore) it was not only the army who sacrificed their blood but each and every ordinary citizen stood for the defense of their beloved country.

On 6 September when India attacked Pakistan without any formal declaration and broke all international rules and regulations of war, this aggression of India touched off the second Indo-Pakistan war. The fight was started on three borders at the same time (Lahore, Sialkot and Rahjistan). Despite the fact, that Pakistani army was not ready for such severe attack but our soldiers stood in front of enemy and didn't let them enter in Pakistan.

It was a real test of every Pakistani as a nation. The 6th of September is a golden chapter in the history of Pakistan, when Pakistani military and people stood united in 1965 for defense of Pakistan.

History has shown how the soldiers of the Pakistani army have risen to their towering heights to defend their borders, their land, their deserts, their fertile and rich plains, their water and resources against severe enemy aggression as our heroes succeeded to stop them and not allowing them to advance on even an inch of our country. The world witnesses, a duty that our army performed with a complete unwavering belief and courage while attaining immortality as it is stated in the Qur’an "And do not call those who die in the way of Allah as "Dead", no they are living, only you do not see them. (2:154).

In the war of 1965 Pakistan gave defeat to the Indian army which was 5 times stronger than Pakistan.

Some interesting facts about the war of 1965 are flowing.

•    India launched war against Pakistan without a formal declaration.

•    Despite the fact, that most of the Pakistan’s major cities were situated near to the Indian border, India was unable to capture any major city of Pakistan.

•    India couldn’t even attack Pakistan's only “PORT KARACHI”, which was very close to Indian border.

•    Despite the fact, that Indian air force was too much stronger then Pakistani air forces, India’s lost most of its air power and its major PATHAN KOT airbase was also destroyed by Pakistani force.

•    During the war of 1965, USA stopped giving aid, arms and ammunition to Pakistan but on the down side, Soviet union provide support to India and was continuously giving arms and ammunition.

•    India was unable to capture Sialkot and in the battle of Chawindah mostly tanks of India were destroyed or capture by Pakistani forces.

•    India was failed to capture Lahore by attacking from Kasur and Sialkot. It was biggest defeat of India because there main plan was to capture Lahore.

•    Pakistan's victory of Khemkaran, Nangarparkar etc

•    Indian navy also faced lots of destruction and almost all important Indian naval and air bases were destroyed by Pakistan.

•    500 tanks of India were destroyed and 18 tanks were captured. On the other hand, Pakistan's only 35 tanks were destroyed during 1965 war. n