PESHAWAR - World Prisoners Relief Commission Chairman, Javed Ibrahim Paracha Wednesday urged the government and authorities concerned to immediately release all the missing persons clarified by agencies and Peshawar High Court. 

Addressing a news conference here at press club, he expressed grave concern over the non-release of missing persons, hailing from different parts of the country, by the political agents of tribal agencies. He said that 18 to 22 hailing from different parts of Punjab were in custody of the political administration Miran Shah, while several others from Kashmir and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were in Orakzai agency detention centers, he informed.

On the occasion, a mother of one Muazam Bashir wept during the conference and said that she will commit self-immolation in front of the Supreme Court, if dead body of her son was not handed over to her by the political administration of Miran Shah. She added that they had already met with him in Miran Shah, wherein he (Muazam) had started hunger strike till his death aimed to know, why he had been arrested years back. “My mistake should be told to me,” they repeated his sentence.

Father of another prisoner Shehzad in Orakzai agency jail, Mr Lal Muhammad informed the media persons that his son had been working in Spain for 10 years and some two-and-a-half years ago when he came from the country to Kashmir to attend his brother’s marriage meanwhile he was picked up during raid on their home.  Since the day, we have been searching our beloved son Shahzad but at last someone informed us he was in the custody of PA Orakzai Agency. “We want to ask of the government and agencies as to why their sons had been apprehended, what was his gaffe that the entire family was put in annoyances and agonies after their beloved,” he questioned.

Muhammad Omar, a computer engineer is in the custody of the same PA Orakzai agency whose error was that his family’s residential is in Mam Dehri Mingora (Swat), his father who is earning livelihood in Saudi Arabia, who said that they had no link with militants’ groups but despite it his son had been picked up.

The WPRC Chairman Javed Paracha said that all detainees in both the agencies’ jail were on protest because all of them were innocent, who he added were cleared by the all government’s agencies. He regretted that when no such case was proved against them then there was no justification to keep in custody, which is totally illegal act.

In reply to different queries, he said there were still 1500 to 2000 missing persons in different prisons of the country. “I contacted Islamic Teachings Institutes and Religious Political Parties in this regard, who according to Paracha threatened to go on rebellious if any of the detainees were killed,” he concluded.