LAHORE :- All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association has announced that the dispatches of cement have declined by almost five percent in first two months of current fiscal while in August 2013, total sale was 2.25m tons against 2.28m tons during the same month of last year. Exports from North declined from 0.512m tons in August 2012 to 0.438m tons in August 2013. Domestic cement market in the North registered a little increase with dispatches of 1.312m tons in August 2013 against 1.287m tons during the same month last year.

Local cement despatches in South declined by 11.65% while exports increased by 15.48%. The exports from South in August 2012 were 0.188 million tons that increased to 0.239 million tons in August 2013. Local sales during the same period declined from 0.296 million tons to 0.239 million tons.