It is most disheartening that we the Pakistanis are unable to see the hockey matches at Ipoh, Malasia live on our TV sets. Hockey is our national game and the government must promote it by showing international matches especially when Pakistan is participating. There was a time when Pakistan used to reach the finals in every international hockey tournament and meet its arch rival India. But the latest rules brought in European teams to the forefront and the sub-continent teams, who had the monopoly, are now struggling for the 5th or 6th place.

It is high time that we get the services of former Olympians to hunt talents from schools and colleges to produce a good team. Now both the countries are struggling to win the tournament and to be eligible for the World Cup. It is not difficult, if the government has the will, to produce giants like Naseer Bunda, Afzal Manna, Hamidi, Tanveer Dar, Hassan Sardar, Hanif, Samiullah, the legendary ‘Flying Horse’ etc. The game would become popular only if Hockey matches are shown live by the TV Channels. I hope someone in the hierarchy of Hockey Organization takes note of it.


Lahore, August 29.