ISLAMABAD - Inter Provincial Coordination (IPC) ministry is all set to appoint an ad-hoc committee on the Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) after the strong lobbying of some so-called former tennis greats, The Nation has learnt from reliable sources on Thursday.

The sources inside Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) have also confirmed to this scribe on condition of anonymity that some former tennis players especially one person, who has been running a academy at PTF Complex for the last four years or so and have not paid a single penny to the PTF, is very much instrumental in this regard as he wants to become the ad-hoc secretary of the body. The PTF sources also confirmed that the PTF was not interested in extending the contract of that person as neither had he produced a single player nor he had paid anything to the federation and even he had not paid utility bills, which were long pending against him. A PTF high-profile official on condition of not to be named has confirmed that the person is using blackmailing tactics and have warned the PTF that he has close contacts in the IPC and the PSB.

The sources said the former players had taken plea that PTF president Kaleem Imam was residing in Sudan for the last one year or so and never bothered to come to Pakistan and tennis was being ruined under these circumstances therefore an ad-hoc body was the need of the hour to streamline tennis issues. It is worth mentioning here that Kaleem visits Pakistan every month and he is in regular contact with the PTF officials. It is not duty of president but it is secretary who runs the affairs of the federation smoothly and PTF secretary Mumtaz Yousaf is very much available in Pakistan.

The PTF is one of the only few remaining federations which doesn't have any parallel body. Harsh steps like this will serve no purpose to the game but it will further aggravate the situation. Interestingly, the PTF elections are due next year so it makes no sense of imposing an ad-hoc on it without any solid or concrete reason but just to fulfill vested interests of few individuals. The current management has been doing their work well as they have held back-to-back events last month with three ranking events while this month they have held a junior ranking event. When this scribe contacted PSB DG Syed Amir Hamza Gilani to seek his comments on the prevailing situation, Gilani declined to comment and said he was not aware of this development and no such thing was discussed with him.

When contacted Kaleem Imam, he said: “I have performed my duties as in the best possible manner. I have spent huge amount of money from my own pocket. It was because of my personal efforts that we have managed to send girls’ team for Fed Cup after a gap of more than a decade and we are also holding maximum national ranking events. I am here to work for a cause. If people have any objections regarding my non-availability, it is totally baseless and wrong allegation. I am always in touch with federation officials. I visit Pakistan every month and instead of giving time to my family, I prefer to work for tennis and try to arrange sponsors to support maximum tennis for our players. I have given Pakistan the first ever U-14 tennis champion of Asia and we have also credit of hosting Pakistan Davis Cup Asia Oceania tie at the neutral venue of Myanmar. So such hectic and tireless efforts of mine are enough to shut the mouth of my critics.”