Jamaat-e-Islami Deputy Secretary General Farid Ahmad Paracha criticised the apathy of Pakistani government and the media regarding the prevailing situation in Egypt, Syria and Burma.

Addressing a party meeting before inaugurating Alkhidmat Sadqat Bank here in Sahiwal, he said that Morsi committed no offence, and demanded freedom of the Palestinians and enforcement of Shariah in Pakistan.

He said that had there been an Islamic government, US could not have dared to attack on Syria. He added that rule of American and her agents will end soon and after that the system Almighty Allah will prevail. He said that on the behest the US and Israel, Morsi government had been toppled. He further said, “Our media is also silent and no voice is being raised from any corner against the US designs. A total of 19,000 containers loaded with arms were distributed in Karachi during the previous regeme, resultantly the Karachi situation is uncontrollable now.”

He said that the nation did not vote for Jamaat-e-Islami but those came to power raised GST, rates of electricity and petroleum products, paralysing every field of life and adding to the public miseries. He said that at present, only 17 percent citizens of country were being provided with healthcare by the public sector hospitals while the other 83% people get treatment from private hospitals.

Paracha, talking about Alkhidmat Foundation, said that it was established in 1990. He claimed that the UN donors and foreign NGOs instead of supporting the government preferred to donate tents and other article to Alkhidmat Foundation.

“Alkhidmat has launched a project namely Aaghosh under which 10,000 children will be provided residential and other facilities. Its buildings are under construction and will complete at a cost Rs1 billion,” he said. He appealed to the masses to cooperate with Alkhidmat Sadqat Bank.

In his address, Foundation In-charge Dr Muhammad Athar highlighted the aims and objectives of the bank. He said, “We are striving hard for elimination of injustice and exploitation from the society and implementation of system of justice to serve the downtrodden of society.”