ISLAMABAD - Contrary to the recent media reports, 19,000 United States/ISAF containers have not been stolen from Karachi port.

US Embassy in a press statement issued here on Thursday said that media suggestions that 19,000 US/ISAF containers were stolen, including containers that contain weapons and ammunition, are false.

While the US routinely uses Karachi ports for both diplomatic and military shipments, neither the US nor ISAF has ever shipped weapons or ammunition via Karachi ports.

All the US government and ISAF cargo shipments are subject to inspection by Pakistani Customs authorities. The US and ISAF use carriers who are licensed and bonded by Pakistani Customs authorities. The US tracks and accounts for all military cargo shipments worldwide, including those shipments entering and transiting Pakistan.

“We have engaged the appropriate Pakistani authorities on this topic.  We have underscored that the United States is able to account for all shipments that have arrived in and transited Karachi ports,” the statement added.