This year Sept 6 has come at a time when we are engaged in battle for our survival. Our political leadership is busy in sorting out personal agenda without caring about the national interest. We are getting weaker day by day and making ourselves vulnerable and presenting soft target to the external forces bent upon harming Pakistan.

When India attacked us on Sept 6 1965 the entire nation was united; we were all Pakistani’s but now we are divided into different sects and provinces. Our leadership has miserably failed to unite the nation and has largely contributed to fragmentation. It is very strange when the army can integrate people from different regions into a well-knit family, why our politicians fail to forge unity? It is time we learnt to live as one nation to foil attempts of internal and external enemies instead of playing into their hands. This reminds me of a saying by Allama Iqbal who said "Momin hai tu bay tegh bhi larta hai sipahi" We saw glimpses of this optimism in Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah who imbued the whole nation with hope and never gave up till he achieved the goal he set himself up with.

We are passing through a difficult times, the state of Pakistan is under attack by our own people. Any act of terrorism is attributed to Muslims and invariably Pakistan is accused. Let us demonstrate for a change that when it comes to preserving our independence we are one and stand shoulder to shoulder with our soldiers. We must shun our differences and at least stand united on issues of national importance failing which we should be prepared to meet the worst.

I smell a conspiracy on the part of India to take advantage of the current uncertainties prevailing in the country. The recent threats by Indian Air and Army Chief should not be taken lightly as incidents on the LoC has seen unprecedented rise and Pakistan should prepare itself to exercise other options in case LoC remains disturbed. It is time to set our priorities right before it is too late. Let us resolve and pledge that we shall prove to the world that we are a great nation that has the ability to withstand all type of dangers and are ready to preserve the sovereignty of our country at any cost.


Karachi, September 4.