LAHORE - Punjab Inspector General of Police Khan Baig on Thursday suspended the services of Deputy Director Elite Police Force, SP Kamran Adil, days after intelligence operatives raided his residence in Islamabad and recovered 130-kg explosives from his brother’s car.

Police sources claimed that Hammad Adil, brother of SSP Kamran Adil, managed to escape minutes before the raid at his house located in Bara Kahu.

However, an intelligence official said that the brother of the senior police officer was arrested during successful action and the “militant” is being interrogated at an undisclosed location by intelligence agencies.

“On the orders of Inspector General of Police Punjab Khan Baig, Kamran Adil, Deputy Director Elite Police Force, is transferred and closed to Central Police Office,” a police spokesperson said on Thursday.

Official sources said that the car (HK-522) was found with explosives in the gas-kit and doors in the house of Hammad Adil, the younger brother of the police officer.

On the other hand, the arrest of brother of the senior police officer on terror links is being debated widely on the social media across Pakistan.  People are asking many questions from the State machinery.

“Now I ask people favouring Kamran Adil that he (Kamran) always knew everything then why did he never do anything about his brother (a terrorist), who lived with him when he was in Islamabad and worked in Islamabad police at a higher post?” Raja Mohsin asked the question on the Press-Pakistan blog.

A local news channel said that Hammad Adil’s family has accepted that he ran away six years ago since he had a terrorist mentality and he had got training as well. “Truth is this that Hammad Adil ran away many years ago but after a few months he came back home, where Kamran also lives,” a blogger familiar with the development claimed on the forum. The police raided the house and arrested Hammad red-handed from the same house in Bara Kahu in the Federal capital the other day.

“It is not just Hammad with the terrorist mentality but Kamran’s brother Adnan is also of the same mentality. He is also well-trained and of the same description like a terrorist,’ the blogger further revealed.

Now the family has started saving their back by saying that Hammad was a terrorist and ran away six years ago. “Where was this honest police officer, Kamran Adil, at that time? Why Kamran remained silent on his brother’s activities all the time? Why Kamran never informed the intelligence agencies?

According to social media reports, the victims, who had been kidnapped by militants in the past, were telling different high-ups including intelligence agencies, Chairman Standing Committee of the Ministry of Interior, and CM Shahbaz Sharif about this suspicious family but nobody pay heed to the victims claims.  Despite repeated attempts made by this reporter, Kamran Adil was not available for his comment.