I would like to request to Punjab Chief Minister to fulfill his public promise to change the ‘Thana Culture’. He has been the Chief Minister of Punjab for the last six years and has been repeatedly expressing his resolve to reform the police force, but there is no change in police brutality, illegal detention of innocent people torture and killing in police custody.

People still have to pay bribe to get an FIR registered, the investigation process is full of flaws and those responsible for conducting investigation are incompetent and dishonest ,The majority of low ranks police officials are closely related to professional criminals. I suggest the CM engages a retired senior Police Officer from UK to reform the police force. If he can change the ‘Thana Culture’ it will be a historic achievement and 65 percent Pakistani will be grateful to him for this revamping the core force in our country, as well as lead providing security and safety to the common man.


Lahore, August 29.