Currently Pakistan is embroiled in a power play between two parties, or rather three – PTI, PAT and the PML-N government. Clouds of uncertainty are hovering over ‘democracy’ in Pakistan. The first peaceful transition of democracy in Pakistani paved the path for a democratic growth. Mr Khan was supposed to be a democratic leader, but his recent claim that military regimes in Pakistan have been more successful than democratic ones, proves his mistrust in democracy. Presenting himself as a champion of peace, Mr Khan promised and assured that his protest and sit-in would be peaceful, but the recent attack on the PTV HQ negates his resolve.

Is this peace Mr Khan? Is this the type of protest that one would expect to take place in Western democratic nations, about which you so confidently speak of? To justify his move of inciting his followers to march towards the PM House, Mr Khan claims that in Britain the general populace can hold protests in Downing Street, therefore if Pakistanis hold protest outside PM house, it’s not a big deal. Doesn’t he know that if the protestors in Britain want to hold protest in Downing Street, they have to acquire an NOC from the government and have to abide by the rules defined for them?


Lahore, September 1.