After the victory of BJP in India, all the political analysts talked about the consolidation of the Hindu votes and fragmentation of minority votes, resulting in the sweeping victory for BJP. They won because of the Congress-led government’s dismal failure to control inflation, corruption and unemployment. The middle class, among the Hindus, decided to vote for the NDA alliance since they wanted India to be free from a non-performing government. They hoped that the change would usher in an era of progress. The youth of all religious groups thought that the BJP would accelerate growth and employment, since they are projected as corporate sector’s darling.

The huge flow of funds from the business class enabled the BJP to organise the most expensive and technology-based poll campaign, unknown in the political history of India. Their campaign managers made full use of the social media. They promised the sun and moon and paradise to Indians, if they were chosen to rule. The youth were naturally drawn. Congress, which is the main national party, could not compete with BJP’ organisational skills and effective poll campaign strategy. Moreover, their record of bad governance and serious corruption charges became big obstacles in convincing the voters. We can do the same in Pakistan, but where to find honest people to join honest parties?


Lahore, September 3.