Despite a lot of hue and cry by the opposition parties to come forward with a viable solution to the present political crises, through meaningful dialogue, PML-N is insisting on using power; another shot in the foot. The same attitude paved the way for disaster in 1993 and 1999 for them. It is a proven fact that PML-N sans wisdom and sanity, in the words of Sheikh Rasheed, it is being administered by a few men close to the Prime Minister. The perpetual loss of life and property in Islamabad speaks volumes of government’s mismanagement. Everything is hotchpotch and apparently, there appears to be no immediate remedy for this ailing democratic system.

Sheepish role of Mr Fazl-ur-Rehaman has fully exposed him. Instead of persuading government to opt for peaceful measures, these stakeholders are roaring only for their pound of flesh, which will exacerbate the situation. Such actions have an adverse affect on such fragile democratic systems. PML-N must keep in mind that those who are protesting in Islamabad have equal rights as citizens, same as those residing in Raiwind palaces. The stubbornness, with which the government is trying to handle the present mayhem, is neither commendable nor sustainable. The law and order situation is deteriorating and power seems to be slipping like sand out of the hands of the rulers. I beseech leaders from both sides to sit down and hold effective talks.


Islamabad, September 2.