ISLAMABAD - The protesters of Pakistan Awami Tehreek finally vacated the lawn of Parliament House on Friday following the Supreme Court's orders given a few days back and erected a tent village outside the building on Constitutional Avenue.

After vacating the lawn and removing tents from the location, a few PAT workers were seen collecting garbage from the lawn to pose a better image of their party and leader. Most of the people just moved outside and did not take part in any kind of cleaning activity.

Comparing with the crowd of last long march of Dr Qadri this time the gathering seemed totally different. There are reports that many of the marchers belong to remote areas of the country and are used to live in tents the same way they are residing in front of the Parliament.

The selection of such people was made to prolong the Inqilab March. Certain quarters believe that the people living in better conditions could not survive the prolonged sit-in, as most of the PAT marchers have left the sit-in and only those people are left with Qadri who already live in such conditions.

Now the people left with Qadri can survive here for long because it doesn't matter to them whether they live here or go back to their homes, the situation remains the same. Rather moving back to their homes will even create more problems for them due to rains and floods.

There are also reports that many of the marchers expect payments for their services in Inqilab March. These people cannot go anywhere until and unless they are paid by the PAT administration; otherwise their sitting in the capital will go useless for them.

Qadri in other day's speech has also directed his followers and marchers not to go back to their homes. All he is playing on are now these a few thousands people sitting outside the Parliament.

The end of this show is still not clear as Dr Qadri is repeating his demands for the resignations of the prime minister and chief minister while the government seems not in a mood to accept those demands. Qadri again in his speech on Friday said that there can be no transparent probe into Model Town tragedy as long as Shahbaz Sharif remains chief minister of Punjab. He said that Punjab government was fully responsible for the Model Town incident, in which 14 people were killed and more than 80 were shot at.

"I was requested to give access to members of Sharif family, which I did. But my first demand was not even considered," he explained. The PAT leader said that the government never empowered the negotiators.

Commenting on his sit-in, Qadri said that it is a peaceful battle for the restoration of real democracy. Those who have gathered here to demand justice are being labelled as terrorists, he complained. He said that Chinese president's visit to Pakistan was cancelled due to the government's incompetence.