Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan certainly knows a thing or two about bad timing, but it would seem that he simply doesn’t care. Perhaps he does, but simply not enough to delay his tirade against political opponents for the sake of the greater good. There is no arguing with the fact that the PML-N government owes everything to the support from opposition parties, especially the PPP, for so far surviving the ongoing onslaught. Without the Parliament’s backing, which would have been impossible had the PPP decided to play it like old times, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif may already have undergone a swift transition to becoming Mr Nawaz Sharif, elected prime minister thrice and failed to complete his term each time.

Why did the Interior Minister attack Mr Aitzaz Ahsan by claiming that the latter was involved in corruption? Was it due to Aitzaz’s remarks on the first day of the ongoing joint parliamentary session, where he advised the PM and his cabinet on reconsidering their harsh tone and approach towards politics? Was it uncalled for? Was it unfair? It certainly doesn’t appear so considering how well the Interior Minister took his criticism. Can Nisar not see how his reaction lends weight to Aitzaz’s apprehensions? Can he really not understand why people would take the impression that the Interior Minister is attempting to sabotage all the good will that has been created so far? Is getting even with Aitzaz seriously at the top of his priority list during a time when the entire system is under attack? The Prime Minister would do well to reign in the angry young man before he wrecks everything for everyone.

Mr Aitzaz Ahsan’s reply in the Parliament could have been a little less harsh too. It is understandable that the nature of the attack was deserving of a balanced and concise response, but his reply was neither. Yet again, the people witnessed their parliamentarians exchange jabs while there were far more serious issues calling for their attention. It is hoped that this back and forth will end soon, and the policy-makers will not lose sight of what is truly important at this point in time.