The current situation in Pakistan brought minorities to the point where they find themselves in a constant state of fear and threat. In recent years minorities have experienced attacks by extremist on their lives, properties and places of worship. Which reminds me of the attack on Gojra, church blast in Peshawar, attack on Joseph Colony, killing of young Christian couple Shama and Shehzad, Nauman Masih set on fire, Church attack in Yohanabad and recent attack on Church in Sanda and looting several houses.

Thinking about all these horrifying attacks on Christians in Pakistan lead us to the point where safety of minorities is just not possible, as the system of justice and law is badly failing all these years.

Even in a case like Rimsha Mashi where she found innocent she and her family had to leave Pakistan due to the constant death threats, which clearly reflect the poor protection system for Pakistani minorities from the government.

Even being innocent we are guilty and under the constant threat of persecution. I therefore request the authorities and the head of minorities to take tough action regarding the safety of minorities in Pakistan.


Lahore, August 25.