a difference of opinion

A: These pictures. Of children washed up on the shore. They are the most tragic ones I have ever seen. The world is a cruel place.

S: I know. It is beyond my comprehension, what is happening to these Syrian refugees. They are crossing borders in boats. Half of them do not even make it alive. You can imagine how beyond awful conditions would be in Syria, if they are willing to go through such torment, just to get to the land.

A: What is the international community doing? Europe? Heck, why is there no talk from the so called saviors of humanity, the UN. They keep saying it’s a crisis. They keep telling everyone that not taking these refugees in is unacceptable. But, yet they don’t get up from their comfortable arm-chairs to actually do something.

S: I for one think, Europe really isn’t to blame for this. They are taking in people. Who should be skinned alive, are those Arabs. What about all these rich Muslim countries? They talk about a Muslim Ummah, one that is the only way the world can apparently work. But when it is time to actually help someone out, there is silence on their part. I guess, they are two busy building five star hotels and shopping malls to care. Some religious sentiment I tell you.

A: Let’s not once again, blame this on religion Sadiq. The Arabs are what they are; incorrigible. I never expected them to help. They just sit on their oil boats and think about what to buy next. Nothing to do with the true sense of what a Muslim brotherhood actually is. Maybe Pakistan can take them in?

S: And keep them where? Make them share tents with the afghan refugees and the IDPs?