The murder of barrister Fahd Malik has recently become the focus of attention. Belonging to a rich and influential family, a lot of VVIPs visited the victim’s family in order to offer their condolences. It must be noted that the young barrister was not on official duty when the murder took place. But what about the murder of Customs Inspector Ijaz Chaudhry who found half a million dollars on model Ayan Ali and informed the authorities as part of his official duty? While a former governor happily defended Ayan, no lawyer came forward to support the inspector. In democratic and Islamic Pakistan, only wealth, influence, and political patronage counts. Perhaps individuals like Aitzaz Ahsan, who claims to champion lost causes, or Asma Jillani, of Human Rights fame, can take up a case such as this and help the poor inspector. 


Chakwal, August 23.