Wasique ur Rehman - Pakistan, which came into being owing to the sacrifices of its founding fathers and later survived the onslaught of wars, trials and tribulations of various calamities, has lived up to the highest traditions of paying homage to its martyrs. A nation is grateful to its saviours and martyrs for every breath it takes This year we celebrate our 50th victory day against Indians. On this day, the nation celebrate the spirit of unity which defeated an enemy much bigger than us and also reiterates the supreme sacrifice of their lives by the martyrs for the defence of the sovereignty of the nation; their deeds inscribed in the annals of time and also reassures the families of the martyrs that their sacrifice was not in vain, it will never be forgotten and for every step of their lives, the nation will express solidarity with their kin. Pakistan is blessed with such gallant sons of the soil, who never demurred to meet every challenge head on; whether it was storms, tempest, deluge or earthquakes, or defending the honour, dignity and sovereignty of the nation from assailants, who dared to assault the geographical boundaries or the peace and solitude of the nation imperiled through terror attacks.

For the last decade and half, a faceless and wily enemy has engaged the nation in an undeclared war but the military has proved equal to the task in picking up the gauntlet with audacity and boldness. The entire nation has sacrificed in the ongoing war against terror while the masses and the military remain united to defeat the treacherous adversary, wherever he may be hiding and to root out the scourge of terrorism, which has plagued Pakistan.

Be it the battlefields of Swat, Khyber, North Wazirastan, Bajour or South Wazirastan Agency or the treacherous terrain of rest of FATA, the valiant personnel of Pakistan Army have led from the front, remaining oblivious to the dangers and the gravity of the threat, they have been motivated to fight the crafty and devious enemy by sheer brawn. Operations Zarbe Azb have been massive display of valour, sacrifice and bravery in the face of overwhelming odds. One remarkable aspect of this operation is that when the civilians were forced to be displaced, it was the army which undertook the daunting challenge of sheltering them in camps, managed the logistics, assuaged their woes and as soon as the threat had been decimated, brought the IDPs back to their homes in minimum time. The hearts and minds of the downtrodden masses, reeling under the impact of the terror attacks in the tribal area were won, when the army sappers took up the intimidating challenge of rebuilding the schools, roads, hospitals, houses and bridges. The enemy tried to place impediments in their paths by planting IEDs, but our brave soldiers continued their task of rebuilding undeterred.

There are few examples of the deeds of valour of the personnel of Pakistan army, since the ratio of officers sacrificing their lives vis-à-vis the enlisted men is one of the highest in the world. The reason for that is, the officer cadre of Pakistan Army leads the frontal assault. It is befitting that the nation pays homage to the selfless sacrifice of its martyrs in an imposing and majestic manner.

Indeed the death of the martyr is the life of the nation and the blood of the martyr is the penance paid for the nation. O martyrs in the path of steadfastness, the whole nation salutes you. The fires that were lit to destroy our hearth and homes by the treacherous enemy have been extinguished by your own blood. You have saved our offspring from being orphaned and preserved the honour of the nation’s daughters.