Our enemy knows of the moral ascendency of our armed forces

Iman, Taqwa, Jihad-fi-SabiLillah are the three cardinals of the adopted motto of Pakistan Army. With the exception of an insignificant number of patriotic Christians and other minorities, every member of Pakistan Armed Forces is a firm believer in oneness of Allah  and finality of the Prophethood of Muhammad (PBUH) persistently endeavouring to achieve the highest standards both in this world and the life hereafter. 24/7 They are struggling in the way of Allah by performing sacred duty of defending the motherland from external and internal threat at all costs; even at the cost of their lives. Our enemies are quite aware of the strength of our motto and are afraid of the moral ascendency enjoyed by all ranks of the Pakistan Armed Forces.

Pakistan Army is proud of its leadership who are groomed to lead from the front. May it be War of Liberation of Kashmir, 1965 War, 1971 War, Siachen War, Kargil Conflict or War on Terror, Officers have left behind unbelievable tales of valour and sacrifice. From Captain Sarwar to Major Raja Aziz Bhatti to Major Shabbir Sharif to Captain Karnal Sher Khan all took the gun fire on their chests. Following the footsteps of their elders Young Officers maintained the tradition of leading from the front and the ratio of the officers verses soldiers who laid down their lives to eliminate the menace of terrorism is the highest in the history of warfare. Entire nation is proud of these valiant sons of the soil and their names will be written in the Golden words in the history of Pakistan.

Soon after taking over the command of Pakistan Army the present Chief of the Army Staff General Raheel Sharif, who happens to be younger brother of Major Shabbir Sharif Shaheed, NH and nephew of Major Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed, NH, set three traits to be achieved by the entire ladder of leadership from a Junior leader to himself. The "Three Cs" as he calls it, are Character, Courage and Competence. Remaining within the ambit of our Motto leaders at all levels who possess these three traits need not to fear any challenge in the profession of soldering.

Among all the leadership traits character holds a special significance. Once the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) presented himself before the people of Mecca, he referred to his nobel character traits of Truthfulness and Trustworthiness. In the Armed Forces of Pakistan, character of an individual is exposed to his peers, seniors and juniors since the day one joins the profession of arms till he sheds away his uniform and even thereafter. Specially for a leader strength of character matters a lot. If the the leader is of sound character he enjoys trust of his colleagues and their blind following. They know that their commander will  lead them only to the right cause that is to safeguard the geographical and ideological boundaries of Pakistan. Worldly wishes have no place in the life of a leader of character and no amount of pressure can alter his loyalty to the cause.

Similarly, courage is one of the most important leadership qualities. It is the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (PBUH) to lead from the front as he personally commanded each and every Ghazwa. Pakistan Army is proud of its officers who have a firm belief that if they survive a mission they will be called Ghazis and if they sacrifice their lives during the accomplishment of the assigned task they will achieve the distinction of Shahadat which is the objective of each and every soldier of Pakistan Army. A true leader is never afraid of danger to his life and he is always with the led at every occasion, when the going gets tough the soldiers always find their leader leading them from the front. It was sheerly a matter of courage to make a decision whether or not to go for North Waziristan Operation. Whole nation is witness to fact that Top Leadership of Pakistan Army is always with the soldiers whether it is Operation Zarb-e-Azb in the North Waziristan Agency or Line of Control and the Working Boundary or fighting on the internal front in Balochistan and Sindh.

Competence of a leader is an equally important trait to gain the unflinching confidence and faith of his troops. The profession of soldiering is very very transparent. Both the leaders and the led know your ins and outs. They know your capabilities and your limitations. One thing is for certain soldiers will trust only a competent leader to lead them to war. So, the competence of a leader becomes an important battle winning factor. Competence in soldiering is not only the ability of a leader to plan an operation on paper but also to physically execute it on ground. At the higher pedestal a leader is likely to confront multi dimensional national security challenges. A competent leader has the ability to quickly differentiate between essential and non essential and lay down priority. Competence helps a leader in visualizing the fluid situation in its right perspective and make speedy yet correct decision.

Our cause is just; we want to live in peace and harmony but with dignity and honour and would prefer to resolve all the outstanding issues including the core issue of Kashmir. But we want to make it loud and clear to all our enemies both external and internal, we can't be dictated and we can't be coerced. Pakistan Army is ready to face both conventional and sub-conventional threats. We have a credible nuclear deterrence with second strike capability. Our Army is adequately equipped and well trained and our leadership is blessed with three Cs, character, courage and competence; we are ready to face the world.