SIALKOT-Pakistan’s Defence Day is being observed today while the monuments of Shahada of I965 War are in miserable condition in Chawinda, Phalora, Gadgor, Khaanaawali, Badiana, Charwah , Chobara and in surrounding areas of Sialkot and Pasrur.

These monuments have not yet been renovated or repaired since long as these monuments are now crumbling at various spots and in dire need of repair.

The local people were of the view that early repairing of the monuments of the Shuhada would be a way to pay homage to the martyrs. The officials of the Municipal Corporation said that the local administration of Pasrur Municipal Committee and the local Union Council have sufficient funds for the early repairing and renovation of these monuments but neither of the two allocated even a single penny for the purpose.

Local social, religious and political circles of Chawinda-Pasrur have expressed grave concern over critical situation and urged the government and the district administration to look into the matter and ensure the repairing of the monuments.

The day dawns with the special prayers in all the mosques for national solidarity, integrity, prosperity and peace. In Sialkot, the main “Hilal-e-Istaqlal” hoisting ceremony would be held at historical Sialkot Fort under the auspices of Sialkot Municipal Corporation. The people and Pak Army personnel would hoist the Hilal-e-Istaqlal conferred upon the local people who wrote the golden history of bravery by sacrificing their lives for defending the motherland near Sialkot during the 1965 Indo-Pak War.

According to Sialkot Mayor Ch. Tauheed Akhtar, the people will reaffirm on the occasion their resolve to defend the country as it did in 1965. During the one-minute silence, vehicles and trains across the country will come to a halt. People in their homes or at workplaces will also observe the silence. This will be followed by special prayers for the martyrs.

He added that the people and senior Pak Army officials will salute the Shuhada and lay the floral wreaths at their graves. Sialkot based senior Pak Army officials said, “The Defence Day reminds us of the indomitable courage and unmatched sacrifices of our gallant men who proved the world that the Defence of Pakistan was unassailable.