PR Islamabad - Roots Millenium Schools’ always strives to get the best content for every subject to be selected for their Millennials with continuous research and practice.

In support of Roots Millennium Schools (RMS) legacy of bringing innovation in teaching and learning of science by introducing series of new textbooks Exploring Science Series by Pearson Publishers, Department of Qualifications Curriculum and Assessments - DQCA in collaboration with Edexcel team organised a curriculum orientation and training session by Pearson Publisher’s external trainer from UK last day for the teaching faculty at Roots Millennium Schools.

As science is one of the core subjects to be taught as to produce great critical thinkers, researchers, scientists, and professionals. In lieu of that for Millennial International Primary Programme a new text book Exploring Science of international Pearson publisher has been introduced which has a strong scientific approach, fully matched to international standards of science scheme of work, ICT integration, and scientific inquiry in classrooms, cross curricula link teaching and learning.

Edexcel Board in collaboration with Pearson Publishers is one of the UK’s largest awarding body, offering academic and vocational qualifications and testing to more than 25,000 schools, colleges, employers and other places of learning in the UK and in over 100 countries worldwide.

This external training for comprehensive curriculum orientation and training is organized for the teaching faculty of primary tier i.e. MIPP of complete nationwide branches.

The objective of the training is to help RMS teaching staff to know about Edexcel Examination philosophy, curriculum and related resources, paper pattern and marking scheme and to strengthen their skills so that they can handle the challenges of 21st-century teaching and learning confidently as to implement it successfully.

For orientation and introduction session a productive Sunday morning was conducted at Roots Millennium Schools Head Office at E-11/4, Islamabad by international trainer Mr. Allen David Yeomen from Pearson Publishers. The training was held to introduce Edexcel Science program briefly and to guide the science teaching faculty of ROOTS MILLENIUM SCHOOLS in implementing the right methodology of the in-study ‘Exploring Science’ book and guide through the use of teacher’s resource.

A very effective and prerequisite activity of lesson planning was held where trainee teachers were to choose any lesson and consult the teacher’s resource book with the book to have a guide of the available resources and track the pathway for the successful execution of the lesson. In the available resources are not only the book or teacher’s resource book but also the worksheet booklet and assessment booklets which ensure the drill and assessment of the lesson.

The best part of the training was the learning of right methodology guide for the conduction of any scientific inquiry in the classroom, which is already getting adapted by teachers in their teaching. As Roots Millennium Schools has the record to offer its teachers with best chances to grow, learn and explore themselves, this was one of the great training.

Critical Thinking of science teachers has been explored throughout the session as to arouse their proactive approach.

Mr. Allen appreciated the RMS Science department on going well along with the Edexcel Science program in the right direction; in fact one step ahead. He also admired RMS that it has already equipped its teaching faculty with all relevant and required teaching and learning resources.

It illuminated the participants about the sheer need of making Millennials 21st-century learners by inculcating required skills i.e. higher order thinking, creativity, collaboration, problem-solving ability and importance of assessments. Trainer ensured maximum participation of the workshop attendees via effective group discussions and demonstrations.