The most enjoyable days of life are deemed the days of childhood, which are being wasted by the society through getting children under the age of 18 married. An undeveloped region of Turbat city known as ‘Chogani Kand’ is famous for child marriages. After the marriage, the families ask their children to quit their studies and start working otherwise they won’t be able to manage the responsibilities of their children and their wives. Similarly, the children get no other option than to quit their studies and start working in garages and workshops. Interviewing a friend of the area, I came to know that he was forced to marry at the tender age of 16 years. According to him, he warned his family he would leave his house and run away if they try to get him married. He is, as mentioned before, married and no where close to running away anymore. 

Child marriage in the Constitution is illegal, but being done openly in the city of Turbat because there are no checks and no one cares. The authorities should be deeply concerned about the issue and ban it in the city and elsewhere. 


Turbat, August 14.