Pakistan celebrates 6th September as “Defence of Pakistan Day”. That was a remarkable day in the history of Pakistan. Indians started the war with full confidence that they would definitely win the war but time turned the whole situation. In 1965, the inefficiency of Indian military leaders during the war led them to defeat.

Indian army failed to recognize the real power of Pakistan’s army. The history written by Indian official’s ministry drafted was resulted as a big strategic blunder and as an example of inefficiency. There are many other blunders by the Indian field commanders and their intelligence officers. Indians faced embarrassment at all the points of attack. Pakistani forces also occupied their part of territory.

The spirited Pakistani soldiers faced boldly the Indians and defeated them on all fronts. Pakistani soldiers witnessed rare conditions when Indians express their courage. It was a planned war from Indians side but they faced defeat. They planned all this in New Delhi. Apparently, the reason of war is Kashmir but deliberately they had a strong aggression towards the division of 1947. And they came with the planning to reverse the independence and freedom of Pakistan. 

Pakistani armed forces faced the war with determination. Valiant Pakistani soldiers hence proved again that the nation is not to be cowed by Indian threats and intimidations.  Pakistani soldiers won the war due to determination, unity, faith and discipline.

An American radio journalist Rai Milan writes in his war diary, “I want to bring that in record that India is claiming victory but on ground there is no evidence to support Indian claims. What I see is only Indian tanks and huge logistic support units rolling towards their forward area. In my career comprise over two decades, I have never seen a group of such confident individual as the victorious Pakistani soldiers fighting against Indians”. It was the morning of 6th September, when Indians crossed the Pakistani boundaries in the Burki sector. Their high authorities assured that they would have their breakfast in Lahore. But in next days they learn about the spirit and power of Pakistani soldiers. Hence nations spirit cannot be taken that much lightly. They are of the view that Pakistani army was not ready. They targeted Lahore and other important areas of Pakistan.

Pakistan made gains against Indian forces. India tried their best to respond Pakistan by calling its air force. Next day Pakistan forces attacked on Indian air force in both areas Kashmir and Punjab. Indians then decided to relocate the troops and this was the turning point in the war. The area with higher strategic importance ‘Kargil’ was occupied by Pakistan which was in the Indian hands.

 “Hindu morale would not stand more than a couple of hard blows at the right time and place”. Ayub Khan said.  

This was the bitterest day for Indians and they will never forget their defeat that was titled “Pakistan’s Defence Day”. This was a wrong decision by India and they will regret it the whole life. The war was imposed by the Indian army. They faced defeat all fronts – air, sea and ground.

The war was not won solely by the soldiers and the equipments, or the possession of nuclear power. It was the internal strength and support of the whole nation, with the spirit of sharing the burden. They set aside the inner issues and differences and stand shoulder to shoulder with the armed forces.