CDA Board secretary seeks details of approved summaries

I ‘Submission of summaries bypassing secretary office a violation of regulations’

2018-09-05T21:39:14+05:00 Tahir Niaz

Islamabad-Secretary Capital Development Authority (CDA) Board has taken serious notice of the direct submission of important summaries by the Human Resource Department, to the Authorit’s Board as a violation of CDA Conduct of Business Regulations-1985, The Nation has learnt.

In a letter to the Director (HRD-I) and Director (HRD-II), CDA on September 4, the newly-appointed Secretary Capital Development Authority Board Ammad-ud-Din Muhammad complained that his office was ignored and by-passed in the process of submitting summaries. He stated “It has been observed with great concern that in the past few years, various summaries, precisely regarding human resource had been preferred and actualized from CDA Board without adopting the prescribed procedure contained in the CDA Conduct of Business Regulations-1985 and bringing the same to the office of Secretary Board first, which is violation of the prevailing rules. The same has also led to ‘no record’ at the Secretary Board office in important decisions.”

The letter further said a procedure has been explicitly specified in the Conduct of Business Regulations-1985 for routing of summaries for perusal of the CDA Board etc. The Secretary lamented that the confusion and violation has also cast doubts whether such decisions/summaries were actually approved by the CDA Board or not and added the queries by the external agencies have made the situation more complex. He said that all the summaries are ought to be circulated to the CDA Board members well before commencement of the scheduled Board meeting through that office and any direct submission and approvals therefore, shall be treated as sheer violation of the CDA Conduct of Business Regulations-1985. He said the same may have repercussions in terms of inquiries/investigations, at any belated stage etc.

The Secretary has requested the HRD directorate that all such directly submitted summaries along with their approvals and notifications, if any, may be furnished to the Secretary Board office within 15 days from the issuance of the letter, enabling that office to incorporate such approvals in active record and avoid any confusion in future on the validity of such decisions. He said that there was no record at the Secretary office of such approved summaries.   

According to the sources, hundreds of daily-wager employees were regularized by the CDA Board despite the fact that no such summary was formally put before the CDA Board neither it were discussed. The issue came to surface after scrutiny of the record at the Secretary office on the insistence of FIA and NAB when these agencies started investigation in those cases.

Furthermore, the Building Control Department of the CDA has approved first-ever building plan for a house in private housing societies. This is for the first time in the history of the Authority that it approved the building plan for a private housing society. According to the details, the plan was approved for the building to be constructed on plot 124 street 6, Block C, Zaraj Housing Scheme in Zone-V, Islamabad. Another approval was given for a building to be constructed on plot 345, street 12 Sector A, Zaraj housing scheme zone-V, Islamabad. Earlier, the Capital Development Authority used to issue building plan for the CDA governed areas.


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