The highest number of undernourishment related deaths in infants and children are reported from Tharparkar. If it does not rain in Tharparkar in the next few days, the new Sindh government will have to declare drought in the desert region. Little rain in June and July was far from enough for the farmers to cultivate the rain-fed crops, in the geographically-largest district of Sindh which stretches across around 22,000 square kilometres.

But due to insufficient rains, crops and grass may not be grown as the drought has fell over the entire desert area. The newly-elected MPA of Pakistan Peoples Party, Qasim Siraj Soomro, said drought-like conditions were evident in the district. He asked the government to provide a complete package, including subsidised wheat and supply of drinking water for the people. Since for a long period of time, Thar desert has been the grave of deaths of infant due to malnutrition and no facilities.

But now regionally, no rain has brought the area on the shortage of water and drought is affecting the area and its people. Therefore, I request to the concerned authorities to establish great steps toward this.


Karachi, August 18.