HEC directs universities to plant trees

2018-09-05T21:34:19+05:00 APP

Islamabad-The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has directed all the universities to effectively take part in a tree plantation campaign launched by the government to address environmental issues and make Pakistan green pollution free. 

HEC has also urged all the students, faculty members and other employees of Universities across the country to contribute in the major tree plantation initiative of the government and plant at least one sapling to make Pakistan green and pollution free.

In this regard, administration of every university has been directed that the newly planted tree should be tagged with name of student or staff member who planted it and they should be responsible for its care for up to 8 weeks.

A Spokesperson of the Commission Aysha Ikram on Wednesday told APP that all the varsities have already been directed through a letter to help meet the challenges currently facing by the country like water crisis and environmental degradation through plantation of trees. Aysha Ikram said the care of trees after its plantation would ensure better survival and inculcate a sense of responsibility among those who spend a few minutes of their day to nurture it. 

She said the universities have been asked to allocate area for each Department and ensure that the place and plants are not spoiled during construction activities.   “Together, by planting one tree we may still be able to give back a little of what we have taken from earth often uncaringly,” she maintained.

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