LAHORE - A murder suspect, who fled after leaving a dead body near a bus-stand in Shera Kot ten days ago, has been identified, police sources said on Wednesday.

The suspect was named by police as Dr Hannan who killed his friend Wajahat, stuffed the body into a bag, and disappeared after leaving it near the bus stand. The CCTV cameras installed in Lahore as part of the safe city project helped police identify the suspect. In the CCTV footage, the suspect could be seen placing the red-colour suitcase near the bus stand. A police official told The Nation that Dr Hannan was arrested during a raid at his house. The police also recovered the motorcycle of the deceased from the house of the alleged killer. According to initial investigation, Dr Hannan called Wajahat at his house on Eid Day to discuss some issue. Later he served some intoxicant to the victim. As the victim fell unconscious, he killed him with a sharp-edge weapon.

Earlier, a police team rushed to the place soon after a passerby spotted the suspected suitcase lying abandoned near the bus stand in Shera Kot.

When the police opened the red-colour suitcase, they had discovered the blood-soaked body of a young man stuffed in the bag. Initially, the police were unable to ascertain the identity of the victim. The police launched homicide investigation after registering a murder case against unidentified killers.