Islamabad-National Institute of Science and technology (NISTE) has initiated an inquiry against one of its officials for alleged involvement in stealing the official furniture and transporting it to his own home, said official on Wednesday.

NISTE is the technical education department working under Federal Ministry of Education and Professional Training and was upgraded to the university level in the tenure of previous government.   The incident occurred on August 17, 2018 when one of the officials took three trips and shifted the furniture from NISTE Hostel-C to outside the premises of the institution.

The security officials took notice of the incident and reported it to high officials.

The complaint filed in this regard said “It has been reported that the undersigned visited the hostels on 17-8-2018 at 3:00pm and found that Mr. Altaf Hussain Assistant Personal Secretary (APS) carried the furniture items including beds, chairs, sofas, dining table and chairs etc on Shahzoor truck in three trips from hostel-C to his home during 3:00pm to 6:00pm,”.  Taking notice of the incident the Director General (DG) formed an inquiry committee to probe the matter. The official notice issued in this regard said that report is submitted by in charge security, NISTE that Mr. Altaf Hussain, APS took away furniture items, beds chairs, sofas, dining table etc,  on Shazoor truck in three trips from hostel-C to his home on 17-08-2018 during times 3:00pm to 6:pm.  The letter said “It is very serious matter which needs to be investigated immediately”.

The notification further stated that in view of above, it is recommended thatthe  matter may also be placed before the hostel committee constituted to calculate the items which was taken away/stolen by Mr. Altaf dated 17-08-2018 to calculate the items which was taken away/stolen by Mr. Altaf Hussain, APS so that the detail of these items could be annexed with FIR in order to produce the possibility of interference in the matter.

The notice recommended that the APS Altaf Hussan should be declared persona non grata for office so that impartial investigation may be ensured.

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