Community service plays a critical role for a healthy environment. It is a group of people who work for the beneficial of their society. In this community the students of schools, colleges universities and senior citizens can take part for the development and advancement and improvement of the environment.

Those people who are members of the community service can help the orphans by helping them, helping refugees, caring the parks and open places, giving donations for serious patients and many more. Community service is one of the greatest sources to build one educational career in term of researchers, practices, remembering the lessons, understanding the curriculum and text books which are the part of syllabus. That will assist the college students to face multiple challenges in their educational career because it builds their personality, patience, confidence, communication skill and so on.

On the other hand, many students can learn their personal strength and weaknesses. It is the source to improve the leadership qualities of a student and will be better citizens of their society. It is the responsibility of educational institutions to make the students aware about community services because the students can learn their personal strength and weaknesses as well as will know their responsibilities and play their role as a better citizen.