Amnesty International India has launched a campaign to end month-long blackout in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK). Amnesty International is right in pointing out that stripping off the people off their basic rights is not the humane way forward, despite the security concerns of the Indian government. Each government around the world is known to curb narratives that challenge the sovereignty of the nation but cutting all sources of communication for over a month is not the solution to the problem at hand. There are several reports of unattended medical emergencies, mass arrests, and detentions, children, and youth being picked up in the middle of the night, torture of civilians, indiscriminate use of tear gas, rubber bullets, and pellet guns at protestors.

This is a clear attempt to alter the demographics of IOK. By repealing Article 370 by an urgent Presidential order, the party in power is trying to allow Indian across the board to be able to buy property in IOK. The current state-sponsored terrorism has definitely put the lives of Kashmiris in danger, and with no communication lines, there is no accountability of what is taking place in the region. Any person found involved in communication beyond IOK, is being arrested. Recently, the video of the arrest of a doctor went viral who was interviewing for BBC and trying to highlight the lack of medical services and the shortage of medicines in the region.

After a month-long curfew, there are reports of government loosening its tight control in the region of Jammu but Kashmir remains the same. In this time of need, there is a strong need for media involvement and the provision of basic rights to the people of the region. In the 21st century, people should not fall prey to the tactics of political regimes. Kashmir has bled for a very long time and the people and their cause needs international recognition so that the imperialist agenda of the Modi regime can be countered. A populace suffering for the last 72 years should see the light of the day. Other international human rights organisations should also join the struggle along with Amnesty International to pressurise India and its allies to reconsider their actions. In this day and age, the gross violation of human rights should not be gone unnoticed and without any sanctions involved.