ISLAMABAD - The Ministry of Interior decided introducing new traffic rules in the capital to modernise the city’s traffic system as per international standards. Interior Minister Brig (R) Ijaz Ahmed Shah in a meeting held at the Ministry of Interior approved the new traffic policy and gave task to Islamabad Traffic Police and local administration to implement the same till September 30. The minister directed two senior additional secretaries of the ministry to hold a meeting with the chief commissioner and police chief of the capital to implement the policy. It was also directed that an awareness campaign should be run on the social media in this regard.

Under the new policy, smoking while driving will be considered a traffic violation and fine ticket will be issued to the violator.

To make local traffic laws at par with the international standards, the driving license will be cancelled after issuance of 3 consecutive tickets to any license holder. It will be mandatory for both the front seat passengers to fasten seat belts.

The meeting decided that a complete ban will be ensured on driving the vehicle without driving license.

The minister issued warning to the traffic police, saying that traffic police officers had been found absent from their duties during peak hours. He directed strict action against duty officer and his/her immediate boss for any traffic congestion without any reason.