GN LOS ANGELES - Kylie Minogue wants to work with Calvin Harris again. The Scottish DJ worked on the Australian superstar’s tracks ‘In My Arms’ and ‘Heart Beat Rock’ on her 2007 LP ‘X’, when he was just starting out, and she would love to team up with him now he’s at the top of his game and admitted she is still a huge fan of his breakout tune ‘Acceptable in the 80s’.

Kylie told the Daily Star newspaper’s Wired column: ‘’I’ve not worked with Calvin since he became Calvin Harris. ‘’I worked with him when he had to stop and have a drink because he was so nervous coming into the studio. ‘’I did can then and I still love ‘Acceptable in the 80s’.’’

Calvin has since worked with huge names, including Dua Lipa, Rihanna, Ellie Goulding and Frank Ocean, but the ‘We Found Love’ hitmaker recalled how he downed a shot of whiskey before getting into the studio with Kylie, and ended up being ‘’just as nervous’’ because he was a little drunk.

He confessed in 2009: ‘’I needed a shot of Jack Daniel’s to calm my nerves.

‘’It was early in the morning and I ended up a bit drunk, but just as nervous. ‘’But Kylie was amazing. I didn’t realise just how much she contributed musically.’’ Meanwhile, Calvin isn’t the only famous DJ Kylie wants to work with.