ISLAMABAD   -   The National Database Registration Authority (Nadra) has introduced a new policy for obtaining Computerized National Identity Cards (CNICs) and other documents.

According to details, the condition of birth certificate has been abolished for obtaining new CNIC and B-Form.

Now CNIC can be obtained by providing copies of a matriculation certificate, a passport, domicile and parents’ CNICs.

Moreover, the condition to get the affidavit attested from a Grade-17 officer has also been dropped as CNIC holder’s father, brother or any family member could attest the form.

Moreover, now there would be no need for producing the marriage certificate to get the wife’s CNIC. The card could now be obtained by submitting husband’s CNIC and Rs20 affidavit.

Now there would also be no need for the registration of an FIR in order to get a new CNIC, in case of losing it.

Now new CNIC can be obtained by submitting an undertaking on a stamp paper about loss of the card.

Similarly, the requirement to give an advertisement in a newspaper for intimating about change in name has also been done away with.

A NADRA officer would simply conduct an interview and record his/her statements.

Meanwhile, NADRA has also taken away the authority from the former and new chairmen and councilors to attest the documents of the applicant for a new CNIC.