ISLAMABAD     -     Noted Indian journalist Nirupama Subramanian has said that the situation in the Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK) is far from being normal. Nirupama, associated with Indian Express, on her return from IoK, shared her observations with her followers in a series of tweets. She described as to how angry people of Kashmir were with the Government of India, Kashmir Media service reported on Thursday.  Nirupama, while rejecting claims made by the Indian media and by Narendra Modi government that normalcy was returning to the valley, said, “At the moment, Kashmir is anything but normal and all assertions to the contrary, whether by officials or media, are from la-la land.

True, no violent uprising, but life, even the post-2016 one that people had got used to, is paralysed.” “With the arrest and detention of all pro-India politicians, no politician has been left in the valley who can sell Delhi’s scheme to the people, said Nirupama after her interaction with the people of Kashmir. She pointed out that virtually the entire population of IoK had now turned anti-India. She added that the people were happy that pro-India politicians had been put in jail. “They (politicians) feathered their own nests by selling our fate to Delhi. They had it coming,” she quoted residents of the valley as having said. According to Nirupama, though she witnessed private vehicles on the roads during her visit to Kashmir, public transport remains shut since August 5–the day when Article 370 of the Indian constitution was declared null and void by the BJP government.

She said people had imposed “civil curfew” and efforts to win the heart of the Kashmiri people had become more difficult now,” she remarked.