SIALKOT - While recalling his war-memories Ghazi of 1965 War Subedar (r) Muhammad Ibrahim said that the whole world watched the Pakistani nation dropping even the last drops of their blood for defending the homeland from Indian troops and knocking out the invading army after the big defeat.

He said, “The Defence Day of Pakistan reminds us of the indomitable courage and unmatched sacrifices of our gallant men who 50 years ago, proved the world that the Defence of Pakistan is unassailable. September 6 stands out as a symbol of our enduring display of unity, Faith and Discipline as a nation.”

He added, “Pakistan defeated the nefarious designs of the enemy, bedeviled by its arrogance of numerical superiority. It is the day to pay homage to our Shuhada and Ghazis, and to draw inspiration from their iconic acts of velour and supreme sacrifices. The day also proclaims that the proud sons of this valiant nation are even capable of defending the sacred frontiers of the Motherland.”

Ghazi Muhammad Ibrahim, who had been serving as Subedar in Pak Amy during the 1965 Indo-Pak War, revealed that the cunning Indian army had displayed the Pakistani flags on the attacking India tanks to deceive the Pak Army the local people, when the India invaded into Pakistan during the night of September 06, 1965 near Chawinda-Sialkot.

Soon, the local people and Pak Army soldiers came to know this reality, he said. “Then, Indian Army attacked Chawinda with 600 Indian tanks. It was a major Indian attack, which was repulsed by Pakistan Army and the local brave people, who had laid down under the attacking and Invading Indian tanks with the heavy bombs on their bodies.  He revealed that they blew up all the Indian tanks by sacrificing their lives and they made Chawinda as the grave yard of the destroyed Indian tanks there,” he added.

He said that there was no doubt to say that the Chawinda had become a big graveyard of Indian tanks were ruined by the Pak Army and local people , who had blown up themselves while laying under these invading tanks to save the mother land by sacrificing their lives as well.

He said that the entire Chawinda and surrounding villages were ruined during the said war, saying that the land was littered with the dead bodies of the Indian army men there.

The monuments of 1965 War were established at Chawinda to pay homage to the armed forces of Pakistan and local people.