RAWALPINDI    -    Chairman, Tehreek-e-Jawanan-e-Pakistan and Kashmir, Muhammad Abdullah Hamid Gul on Saturday said armed forces and the whole nation would thwart any aggression of India, either it attacks in day light or at night with unmatched zeal and national spirit as it expressed in 1965 war.  The chairman in a statement issued on the occasion of Defence Day said, on September 6, 1965, brave forces and people of Pakistan made history by defeating India and crushing her all nefarious designs into dust.  He said the nation could not forget sacrifices of these martyrs.  In February 2019, the Indian Wing Commander Abinandan was just shot down by our fighter pilots while crossing the Pakistani territory and sent a message to the world that Pakistan’s defense was still in iron hands.  “We have always said that the spirit of jihad was not awakened in the 1965 war and the 1971 war. Now the results will be different than before. Pakistan is a nuclear power and we know very well how to defend our country.” Gul added that Pakistan had a strong histroy of martyrs. “We pay tribute to all the martyrs who have sacrificed their lives today for the sake of this nation while defending this country.