ISLAMABAD-The National Highway Authority (NHA) on Saturday said Hub Bridge linking Karachi with Balochistan is stable and safe for traffic. Statement issued by NHA referring to the spokesman of National Highway Authority clarified contents of a video going viral on social media regarding Hub Bridge linking Karachi with Balochistan.  Clarifying the actual position, the spokesman said that the existing Hub Bridge is 500 meters long, having 21 numbers of spans. This old bridge was constructed 50 years ago.  The spokesman said that this old bridge is structurally stable and there is nothing wrong with the structural stability of this bridge. Speaking about the pillars shape which are not looking straight in the video, the spokesman said, this is as per original design of the structure of the bridge. Jacketing of piles has already been carried by NHA in year 2017-18. In order to enhance the service life of this bridge, NHA has already carried out asphalt and replaced the expansion joint of this bridge. The scoring of piles which is evident in the viral video has occurred due to outflow of excess water from Hub Dam during the current cyclonic rainfall. Besides, a main problem is illegal collection of soil, sand (Retti) and Bajri by the tractor mafia. It is strongly recommended that the local administration should impose ban on collection of sand etc underneath this bridge. National Highway Authority Balochistan has always given priority to Hub Bridge for its repair and maintenance. This scoring will be rectified by NHA on top most priority basis. Beside all of the above, with the advice and recommendations of Structural Expert NHA, Col. Muhammad Iqbal, the rehabilitation works have been carried out recently including removing and replacing old expansion joints and asphaltic wearing course has been carried out this year 2020.  The district administration has also been informed time and again of the same. Member West Zone, Balochistan NHA Shahid Ihsanullah and Structural Expert NHA Col. Muhammad Iqbal are visiting the site for detailed inspection.