6th September is a glorious day in our history which reminds us of supreme national unity, indomitable spirit and exemplary valourof the Pakistani Nation and its Armed Forces. On this day, our country faced aggression from ourerstwhile adversary and saw its people and the Armed Forces stand shoulder to shoulder in the defence of their motherland. It reverberatesacts of bravery and sacrifices of our Shuhadas and Ghazis who were undeterred by the size of the enemy and foiled its nefarious designs with grit, courage and honour. 

Pakistani nation celebrates this day withreverenceto acknowledge sacrifices of its gallant and resilient soldiers, sailors and airmen who defended the ideological and geographical frontiersof their motherland. The audacious ‘Operation SOMNATH’ carried out by Pakistan Navy (PN) Ships destroyed Indian radar station and shore installations at Dwarka, on the Gujrat Coast and left the enemy surprised and shell-shocked. PN with its bold war planning and strategic initiative kept the numerically larger Indian Navy on the defensivethroughout the war. PN Submarine Ghazi dominated the Indian Ocean and effectively bottled up major Indian Shipsinside the harbour.

PN remainsdetermined to safeguard national maritime interests and ensure seaward defence ofthe country.The Navy is fully capable and preparedto give a befitting response to any misadventure by the enemy across the entire spectrum of maritime threat. PN is also contributing in the regional collaborative maritime security as part of Combined Maritime Forces and has also instituted Regional Maritime Security Patrols (RMSP) in the Indian Ocean Region(IOR) with the aim to promote peace and maritime order. Besides deterring war and safeguarding maritime frontiers, PN is also playing a key role in the revival of maritime sector by promoting Blue Economy and contributing towards national development.

This day being asymbol of courage, resolve, sacrifice and national integrity demands a pledge to work selflessly.The day reminds us, as a nation, toadhere resolutely to the Quaid’s great principles and anchorstrong faith in Allah SWT.Today, Officers, Men and Women of Pakistan Navy,reiterate their commitment to defend the maritime frontiers of the country for a prosperous and promising future of our coming generations.

May Allah grant us the strength to redeem ourselves with pride.