KARACHI             -        President Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Karachi and Member Sindh Assembly Khurram Sher Zaman has said that he would like to thank Prime Minister Imran Khan for announcing a historic package of Rs 1100 billion for the city of Karachi. The steps taken for the development of Karachi city and solution of its problems are commendable. At present, there are many problems in Karachi city due to which the citizens are being severely affected.

 In a statement issued from the party secretariat Insaf House, Khurram Sher zaman further said that the 1100 billion package included basic issues like cleaning of Karachi drains, completion of pending projects, transport, city roads, sewerage system, solid waste and water supply would be solved. The federal government of PTI would extend all possible cooperation to the Sindh government to solve the problems of the city. If the Sindh government also wanted a permanent solution to Karachi’s problems, it must continue its cooperation with the federation.  He added, Karachi was the economic hub of the country, the development of Karachi was the guarantor of the country’s development. The city which gave 75% revenue to the country had always been the focus of politics but the PTI government would not allow the citizens of Karachi to get into more trouble The city of Karachi had always been a priority of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. That day was not far when Karachi would be counted among the developed cities of the world.  Senior politician and ex Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan Convener Dr Farooq Sattar said that Karachi’s issues were very complicated, hoping that permanent solution would be found this time around.

 In a statement issued here, Sattar who had formed Organization Restoration Committee said that Karachi’s current circumstances demanded “now or never’ measures. He also presented a shadow Karachi Transformation Plan for resolution of the city’s issues.

   Meanwhile, Sindh Minister for Industries & Commerce and Anti-Corruption & Cooperative Department Jam Ikramullah Dharejo has said that the federal government is now more indebted to the people of Karachi as it has announced a package of Rs. 1100 billion for Karachi and the balance of Rs 162 billion package is also with the federal government.

 He said that Karachi welcome the package but one should also inform the Prime Minister that most of the other districts of Sindh had also been severely affected by the recent rains.

 Ikramullah Dherejo accompanied by former Provincial Minister Jam Saifullah Dharejo visited different areas of Ghotki on Saturday and the occasion, he offered Fateha to the heirs in Sarhad village on the demise of former senior vice president of PPP Tehsil Ghotki Bangal Khan, he also offered fateha on the demise of DO Roads Abdul Ghani Chachar’s brother and Dr. Rajkumar’s uncle in Ghotki City. He also attended a party organized by Faqir Kamil Lakhan in Sarhad while at various places he listened to public issues and also issued orders to relevant officers to resolve them. 

 Talking at various places, the Provincial Minister further said that 60% of the crops of Sindh farmers had been destroyed in the recent rains. In this difficult time, Sindh government was standing by the people. All the ministers including Sindh Chief Minister were with the victims in their respective constituencies.’  He said that in this difficult time, “we requested the federal government to announce an emergency package for the victims of natural calamities.” He further said that development of Ghotki district was one of the top priorities. The provincial minister was accompanied by a large number of PPP Ghotki district office bearers and party workers on the occasion.

    According to experts, Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan in terms of population and people belonging to almost every sect live there. Situation of this city is now critical and it has exposed the performance of the provincial government. No government in the past paid attention to the development of the city as was required. After the 18th amendment, the administrative powers have been shifted to provinces. But it is unfortunate that the PPP government is still looking towards support from the federal government. It is good development that Prime Minister has announced a massive package for Sindh in the crucial time. The need of the hour is to ensure that each penny is utilized on improving the infrastructure of Karachi. Under the short, medium and long terms plans, drains must be completely cleaned and the provincial government must take responsibility to rehabilitate the displaced people from the illegal encroachments. Karachi is the economic hub of the country and generates around 70 percent revenue, so it needs special attention for improvement of infrastructure.

Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Asif Yasin Malik says Pakistan is facing a number of external threats and also the military aggression of a neighboring country.

 Pakistan armed forces successfully defended the country’s geographical borders in 1965. The 6th of September is the finest manifestation of the national unity against the coward enemy. The people of Pakistan showed great bravery by standing firm behind the armed forces to save the motherland. Indian military leadership is well aware of the fact that Pakistan army cannot be defeated on the battle field. The defense day is the national resolve to meet all external and internal threats with unity. It is need of the hour to stay united against every threat and aggression. The western powers are envious of Pakistan’s growing defensive capabilities. The internal cohesion is imperative to defend the country from external and internal threats. Our security forces are vigilant enough to give a befitting response to any hostility.

Air Vice Marshal (Retd.) Ikramullah Bhatti says, no country in the world can fight a war only on the basis of its armed forces. Support of the nation is also mandatory in this regard. Pakistan is lucky enough to have a brave nation that supported the armed forces in 1965 war and defeated a much bigger enemy. 6th September is one of the proudest moments for Pakistan as a nation which was built on the basic elements of love, brotherhood and fraternity. Pakistan defeated India and its army with courage, patriotism, strength and nobility that amazed the world. Our army is such a huge blessing for us that we can’t imagine. Our soldiers are willing to sacrifice their lives for us so we can sleep peacefully and safely in our homes. The success in crucial war against terrorism is an achievement of our forces. We have done what many developed countries including the United States could not do. Our country is our identity and it is our responsibility to work hard in order to make Pakistan a strong and prosperous country in the world.