The condition of Manchhar, the largest freshwater lake in Asia, started worsening almost two decades ago. The government at the time decided to drain saline water to the Arabian Sea. The construction of two projects, Right Bank Outfall Drain RBOD & Main Nara Valley (MNV) drain, started.

The RBOD project is a long faltered one. It is yet to be completed. Only saline water is left in the natural reservoir and is causing the destruction of all-natural life.

Upon visiting, we were told by the poor fisherman that the lake had once been home to Siberian migratory birds and forty types of fishes. But now, there remained a few.

Manchhar is famous for its boat villages. It was a source of bread for thousands of fishermen families, supplied healthy food to the country & supported the provincial economy. During the Spring, lotus flowers spread scent to all sides of this lake. This was once a tourist destination.

However, now things don’t remain the same. About 85% of the Flora & fauna have vanished. Such state of affairs have adversely affected thousands of people and led to environmental disaster.

Supreme Court, in different times, took suo-moto notices against the destruction of the lake. It is beyond comprehension what hinders the way of restoration of the natural lake? Why are authorities obstinate in making contempt of court?

Chief Justice of Pakistan and the Prime Minister are requested to play their part in restoring Manchhar lake so that it could enjoy the title of Asia’s largest freshwater lake.


Wahi Pandhi.