President Obama can formulate a win-win exit strategy from Afghanistan by understanding the Pukhtoon tribal culture and the Muslim religious sensitivities. He needs to assure the Afghan people that the Americans will leave once elections are held and a democratic government is formed there. Mr. Obama should also think about improving economic conditions in Afghanistan by developing the infrastructure to create jobs. That means building schools and universities to educate children and adults. Americans need to give the Afghan farmers better options to replace their opium crops. They should also allow building of new energy pipelines projects that use Afghanistan as a transit route and also allow Afghans their fair share in the transit fees. They should also help promote regional trade to help Afghanistan stabilize its economy. Last, but not the least, Americans need to assure the neighbouring Pakistan that the US will respect its sovereignty and no attack will be carried out on its territory from inside Afghanistan nor the Indians allowed to carry out covert operations from Afghan land inside Pakistan. -A. KHAN, via e-mail, March 29.