As reported in the papers, Qazi Hussain Ahmed is stepping down from his position as Jamaat-e-Islami Chief (Amir) after 22 years even though he intends to continue political activities in his personal capacity. It would have been better if he had completely retired from politics to devote his energies to something far more important for which backing of his disciplined party can be useful and he himself so eminently suited. We all know Pakistan is facing serious threats, both internal and external. The internal threats come from economic and social conditions, intolerance and religious extremism. This new wave of extremism is the force behind the present spate of terrorism in which mosques and girls schools are being blown up by some misguided people that wish to force their crude and narrow vision of Islam on others. These people need to be educated about the benevolent spirit of Islam. Instead of dissipating his energy on useless trivialities of the mainstream politics, Qazi Sahib could be very useful in fulfilling this noble cause. With his stature, the backing of his party and support of the like-minded people and groups from within the wider society, he could work wonders by taking up the task of fighting these crusaders whose real objectives should be no secret for anybody. -S.R.H. HASHMI, Karachi, via e-mail, March 31.