IN the third incident of suicide bombing within 24 hours, 30 innocent persons were killed and a hundred injured in Chakwal, sending the highly demoralizing message that the terrorists could hit anywhere at will. PM's Interior Adviser Rehman Malik repeated for the umpteenth time the determination to root out the terrorists, which sounded hollow on account of the sheer incompetence being displayed by the security establishment in dealing with the terrorists. In two major incidents that took place in Lahore last month, the administration failed to benefit from the intelligence it had already been provided, out of sheer incompetence. In the case of the attack on Sri Lankan, cricket team, the security agencies failed to arrest the attackers who escaped from the scene on motorbikes. They also failed to make use of the forensic evidence to trace out the attackers. While the Islamabad attack was owned by Tehrik Taliban Pakistan chief Baitullah Mehsud, another TTP leader Hakimullah Mehsud accepted responsibility for the Chakwal suicide attack. Both said these were conducted to avenge the US drone attacks. It is a dastardly act to punish innocent people for acts committed by the US. Actions of the sort are bound to rally the public, which has remained double-minded for a long time against the attackers. The countrywide protests against the alleged flogging of a girl in Swat indicate that actions of the sort are rousing the people's indignation against the extremists. The blowing up of a girls' school in Bannu would add to the resentment against the extremists. There are many who strongly believe that those who attack innocent people, destroy schools and target security agencies, are in fact being aided and abetted by Pakistan's enemies, with an agenda to destabilize the country. Prime Minister Gilani presided over a high-level meeting on Monday to review the security situation. The meeting was held amidst serious questions being raised about the performance of the security and law enforcement agencies. It was claimed that the military operation in Bajaur had been successful, the militants had been crushed and their leadership made to vow not to challenge the writ of the state. A statement by the Bajaur TTP chief disallowing women to seek National Identity Cards, declaring the Benazir Income Support Programme 'haram' and urging the displaced persons to refuse the aid being provided by the government, raise serious questions about the claim. In case the report about the Swat Taliban having entered Buner to start militant activities is correct, this would be widely construed as violation of the Swat agreement. The Prime Minister needs to ensure that the security agencies perform their duties efficiently. What is equally important is on their part to ensure that the forces opposed to the Quaid's vision of a moderate Pakistan are properly reined in.